6 Steps To Improve Your Office Security

Nowadays, while businesses may still have a physical offices, much of their information will be stored on servers halfway across the world. This brings about a whole new security requirement for what was once just physical security that consisted of locks on doors, safes and security guards. Now, however, the bare minimum includes protecting against hackers and guarding customers informations with the business’ reputation on the line. Here are steps an organisation can take to improve their office security.

Keep an inventory of equipment and stock

Label equipment with serial numbers so they can be cross-referenced in case anything is broken or stolen. It is imperative to do this for expensive equipment such as computers and tablets, but even smaller items such as staplers and notebooks can have a habit of going missing. Sometimes the focus of security needs to be from those within the organisation than outside.

Require IDs to be worn in the building

A simple step to be able to identify those within the premises. Employee ID cards can also give them access only to certain areas of the building, and restrict them from others if they have no reason to go there, and likewise for guests. This could tie in with a visitor management system, allowing you to see who has been invited to meetings on the premises, and to give access as required.

Hire a dedicated IT team

If your business relies heavily on online based work or is heavily reliant on a network, then it may be essential to have your own in-house IT team who can deal with any issues as soon as they arise. Any downtime or technical problems at the wrong time could have dire consequences if not addressed fast enough. They may be expensive to hire, but they could be worth their weight in gold when you need them.

Install CCTV and alarms

Most offices already have these installed but a surprising amount do not. This could make them extremely prone to security breaches, especially at night time when no one is watching. It can be very difficult to solve if there are no witnesses or evidence left behind, and even if they are not used, they still act as a deterrent.

Hire a guard

One of the most effective deterrents to theft is if the person is aware that they are being watched, or there is someone that could catch them in the act. Simply having a guard on duty during the hours the office is closed could be enough to ensure the office is safe.

Ensure everything is password protected

Not only that but ensure that passwords are regularly changed. While this may be an inconvenience, I can assure you that it will not be as much as having your systems hacked because the simplest safety measure wasn’t in place.