Bitcoin Code puts down a fast-paced rally

Since the year 2012, the Bitcoin price puts down a fast-paced rally, not change setbacks due to hacker attacks anything. Who bought several years ago for a few hundred euros Bitcoins, is now a millionaire. But how do you actually come into possession of Bitcoins and where can you buy Bitcoins?
Bitcoins showed a respectable performance in recent years. Only 2,016 of the Bitcoin price has risen by more than 126 percent. 2017 Bitcoin reached new highs of more than 11,200 US dollars, and Bitcoin Code some analysts say the Bitcoin price rises $ 500,000 previously. Others refer Bitcoins against it as “hot air” and believe rather the fact that they are actually worthless. Ultimately, the price of Bitcoins is however regulated by supply and demand. And the demand for anonymous money as the Bitcoin to constantly increasing. The reasons for this capital controls in China, which can be circumvented with the crypto money, the purchase of illegal goods in the darknet, which is often channeled through Bitcoin and simply investing in Bitcoin as speculation were, for example.

Given this performance, interest in the cryptocurrency growing among many investors. There are several ways to buy Bitcoins. The advantages and disadvantages of the various options, we highlight here:

The easy way: Bitcoin as CFD
Buyer, which depend mainly on the participation of the performance of the Bitcoins and less on the aspect of anonymity, relatively simply be a CFD broker Bitcoins. A Bitcoin CFD can be Bitcoin Code thought of as a security. One participates directly in Read in-depth Bitcoin Code review before start trading the development of Bitcoin course, but does not have the Bitcoin physically. For very speculative investors a leverage of up to 30 can have a Bitcoin CFD it can be used. The CFD will rise or fall then 30 times as strong as the original Bitcoin. A 1: 1 participation is of course also possible. If you want to trade Bitcoins as a CFD, you can eg use the partners Plus500 offering you via this link a 25 € bonus.Plus500 incidentally provides deposit by credit card and PayPal, as well as a very fast account opening without Postident. Of course, you can also use any other CFD broker of your choice.

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buy real Bitcoin
It also comes to anonymity in addition to the performance of, nothing goes past real Bitcoins. If you have to buy Bitcoin Code to decide real Bitcoins, is the possession of a Wallets prerequisite. This electronic wallet is similar to a checking account as transactions made with their remittances and Bitcoins can be received. Here, the Transfer of Bitcoins is basically no different from a bank transfer, only spoken instead of an account number of a receiving address. Because the digital currency will you can check this site be sent without an intermediary directly from person to person, the applicable fees are lower than banks.

Bitcoins are bought on several portals, all Bitcoins can be summarized in a Bitcoin wallet. For everyday use, a Bitcoin wallet is on the phone, but can also be a wallet for online payments on the PC or tablet. After downloading and installing a Bitcoin wallets this should be backed up with a strong password, called a passphrase. This access code must then be entered before each transaction in the future.

Bitcoin marketplace
Who wants to buy the cryptocurrency Bitcoin can do so online on a so-called Bitcoin marketplace for one. The most famous German marketplace is Here, the user trade directly with each other, so that the price is in some way by supply and demand, which provides generally for a relatively good price Bitcoin. In marketplaces like the registered users make their offers to buy or sell bitcoins one with another currency. Buyers can see as many Bitcoins at what price to offer a seller. A deal is then once an Bitcoin Code offer is accepted by another user. The purchase price for the acquired Bitcoins will be transferred to the bank account of the seller. Depending on the marketplace, the operators charge a small fee for the exchange, for the deposit, and / or for the payment of money. Usually, however, this fee is less than the price difference between buying and selling at exchange offices. Buyers and sellers bear the Bitcoin fees in equal parts. To act on, to an account at the bank Fidor should have, though. Although this is basically no problem, but means the cost of a normal account opening, including video identification procedures, etc. You can open the account with here.

Bitcoin exchanges
Bitcoin exchanges the alternative possibility Bitcoins to buy. Among the best known trade exchanges among CEX.IO , octopus, Bitstamp and Paymium. Bitcoin courses at the various marketing platforms can vary greatly. The Bitcoin trading on Bitcoin exchanges is automated, while the trades are handled manually in a marketplace, which means you have yourself looking for a suitable offer for sale. The conventional currencies such as US dollars or Euroscan be exchanged for Bitcoins. If you want to buy Bitcoins, just needs to be specified how many coins are to be at what price to buy or sell. Find the stock market a suitable offer, they bought the Bitcoins on behalf of customers and writes it to the customer then good. On CEX.IO handling is particularly easy , especially since there credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard are as a payment method.

Screenshot: Bitcoin exchange rate of major currencies compared